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  • Teledentistry can be defined as the remote provision of dental care, or advice, through the medium of information technology, rather than through direct personal contact with any patient(s) involved.

General Conditions:

  • Dentist's assessment, advice, recommendation, and prescription are based on all the information or data shared by the patient during the teleconsultation.

  • The teleconsultation fee must be settled before the scheduled teleconsultation through GCASH, online bank transfer or bank deposit. 

  • The patient is required to have a strong and stable internet connection to be able to use the Teleconsultation platform (Zoom) effectively to communicate with the dentist.

  • Once the payment is confirmed. Appointment confirmation shall be sent to the patient via email.

Who can avail of Teledentistry?

  • Anyone who needs dental advice, especially those experiencing symptoms such as pain and inflammation. 

How to avail of teledentistry in 3 simple steps?

  1. Book an appointment. 

  2. Pay via GCASH, Online Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit
    *Payment details and instructions will be sent after booking an appointment.

  3. Install ZOOM and create an account to consult with our dentist.

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